Working in a corporate office with the help of rock space extender

Working in the corporate office will require you to be on the workforce all day long. You will need to do work online, offline and essentially at all times but for the most part, the internet is very important in the daily work of a corporate office worker. Bad connections or even weak ones can slow down work resulting in bad performance reports and even cuts in salary. Therefore the internet is something that cannot be compromised within a corporate job.

How to login with rockspace_ext

The thing is that the company doesn’t provide you with amazing internet and still expects you to do all the internet related work in no time at all. The router that was the asset of my esteemed office was a weird one with a very scanty range. It had no internet speed at all and also with about 19 users using it all at once. It only made the internet range and speed even worse than it ever would have been. Therefore I decided to get myself a wireless router range extender to solve my woes. I bought to my office a rockspace_ext. A small and compact yet quite powerful device that could easily get me enough range and speed to let me go around doing my office works online in peace.
Setting up the extender with the office router

How to setup re.rockspace.local

The setup was not hard in any way you think of. It was pretty simple and I could easily go through it. Practically anyone could go through the setup even if they were really new to the device. All you needed to do was to go and plug it into a power socket to turn its power on as it was a plug and play device. After that, I could connect it to my computer by a wired or wireless connection. I chose the wireless reconnection as it seemed more convenient. After that, I need to access the setup link. I did that by simply typing the link re.rockspace.local into the address bar. Typing the IP address of the device into the address bar will also take you to the same redirection that is the login page. Here you will be able to login using the default credentials.

Rockspace Password Reset with http //re.rockspace.local

After you successfully log in you can see the admin panel. In the admin panel, you will need to enter the details of your router like its SSID and password, and other stuff. After that, your extender will be able to automatically connect to your router and extend its range. After that you can simply place the extender anywhere you desire the network to be extended to
Another way you can setup the extender is without the http://re.rockspace.local setup link is by the WPS method. In this method, you can find the WPS buttons on both the router as well as your extender. You will need to press the WPS button on the router and hold it for a second followed by pressing and holding the WPS button of the extender for a few seconds. This will allow the devices to connect to each other in the WPS secure way. After that, you can place the extender in its desired place.
Resetting the device and updating its firmware.

Rockspace Reset

You can use the http://re.rockspace.local to reset your device back to its factory settings. You simply have to go to the link and login and find the reset to the factory settings option in the menu. Pressing it will reset the device. Another way is by pressing and holding the reset button present on the device. Pressing and holding it will reset the device completely too. You will be able to reprogram it all over again. Quite simple isn’t it.
Firmware updates can also be installed with the aid of the same setup link. All you need to do is login to the admin panel and find the check for firmware updates option. When you click on it, you will be able to see a list of the available update files and you can choose to download and install them right then and there instantly or keep them to be installed later on.

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